Black/African American Cultural Center

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As soon as you walk through the door, our office evokes a sense of community. This space provides educational programs, as well as opportunities to network with the campus community which increases the development of our students. Mentoring, community service, leadership, professional development, an academic environment; we offer students of all facets the true collegiate experience. Through building strong relationships and experiencing new opportunities, students can build a network with peers while also getting involved in campus. We are different people with varying goals and different obstacles - but all destined for success. Thus, whether you are a current or prospective student, an alumnus, parent, faculty, staff or a good friend of Colorado State University we thank you for visiting the Black/African American Cultural Center's website!


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8016 Campus Delivery
Fort Collins, CO 80523-8016
Phone: 970-491-5781
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BSS LogoThe Black/African American Cultural Center assists African American students with their transitions to Colorado State University and throughout their academic careers by providing support and encouragement for their academic, professional, cultural, and personal development. We strive to provide a family-like support system made up of faculty, staff and student organizations that help students succeed.

The Office has as one of its foremost goals to enhance students’ knowledge of the culture, history, heritage and traditions that are unique to the African American experience.


Friday August 1st 2014
10 AM- 3 PM

Know Before You Go is an opportunity for incoming students to come back to campus after Preview or even for the 1st time to ask those last minute questions and to take one more look at where they will be staying for the next 4 years!

  This program will provide an opportunity for students to talk to a financial aid counselor to make sure all is in order before they arrive, learn about majors, time management & study skills and meet other college students who can give them the real deal on college life!